What does #TheHalalWay means?

It is a way of designing websites and managing social media respecting islamic core values and principles.

Can you give somed examples?

  • No images of unmodestly clothed women as a sign of respect.
  • Communicating in a kind tone.
  • Being clear and to the point when dealing with business matters online.
  • Having a modest demeanor and style online.

Generally speaking adhering to islamic principles when expressing something online, be it on social media or on a website.

Why is it so important that muslims individuals and companies express their true values online?

Muslims should live the islamic core values and principles in everything they experience. Islam is not only praying five times a day, it is living our life to its full potential.

Internet is both an opportunity and a threat in that regard for islamic companies and individuals. The ability to communicate with the whole world brings a great challenge in terms of responsibility.